Best hotels in Italy’s Grand Capital, Camping Gardasee

Best hotels in Italy’s Grand Capital, Camping Gardasee


Planning a trip to Italy’s breathtaking Rome can be very exciting. It is one of the world’s most romantic getaways with spectacular views. 

If you’ve planned your next travel destination, then get ready to explore the city, which is a perfect amalgamation of ancient ruins, artistic history and culture, picturesque landscapes, vibrant streets, and many more secret treasures.

There are so many sought-after beautiful locations that you can visit while staying in Rome.

It is best to visit these destinations by booking tour packages so that you can enjoy hassle-free traveling.

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What is the Best Time To Visit Rome?

Flying to Rome in any season will help you enjoy the enthralling beauty of this place. You can enjoy authentic Italian cuisines, sip on local wines, or traverse through the city's cultural heritage.

If you expect to feel the warmth of sun-soaked Rome, it is ideal for visiting during spring and summer. But both periods are the busiest time of the year. So, if you’re contemplating staying at budget-friendly or cheap hotels during peak season, you should plan ahead.

How to Fly to Rome?


Rome has two main airports; one is Ciampino which is located in the southern part of the City and the other one is Fiumicino.

Fiumicino is the city's main airport, which is why most overseas flights take off daily at the terminal. Now you just book a flight in Advance to take a cultural trip to Rome.

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As this is one of the most affordable destinations in Europe, you’ll get a cheap flight to fly into Rome.

10 Best Reasons to visit Rome Once in a Lifetime

● History and cultural heritage

● Baroque architecture

● Attractive squares

● Summer on the beach

● Italian food

● Mouthwatering gelato

● Exploring fashion boutiques

● Visiting romantic viewpoints

● Staying in a historic accommodation

● Affordable destinations

Top Sights or Travel Destinations in Rome


Colosseum: It is the largest amphitheater that housed 65000 spectators during Roman days; hence colosseum is the number one tourist attraction as it is considered one of the seven wonders of the world.

Trevi Fountain: The world-famous Trevi fountain was built in the 18 th century, making it the most famous destination in Rome, Italy.

Pantheon: This is one of the best and most well-maintained structures from Roman times.

Even today, it is still being determined what significance it has during that time.

Vatican Museum: In this museum, you can view the art treasures of the Catholic church.

The list of tourist attractions places is endless, so it is better to walk past the streets to find more exciting sights.

Getting Around

If you want to feel the exotic local charm, you just take either a car rental or bike rental to travel around the city. Even you can use public transportation, including buses, metros, and trams.

Bottom Line

The city of Rome is famous for its unmissable masterpieces, often replicated worldwide for their exceptional and aesthetic beauty. Now, get ready to plan your trip to Rome and soak in the authentic local vibe of the city.

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